Volunteer Services 

All volunteers new to the organization meet with Melissa to talk about their skills and interests
with the aim of matching them to an open role that can fulfill their individual goals. 


Melissa works closely with all of our Program Coordinators to understand program needs
and provide support in the areas of volunteer recruitment, training, supervision and recognition. 


Volunteers are vital members of our organization that enable essential programs to thrive in our community. 
Volunteers often develop new friendships, enhance their skills and find meaningful ways to share their time. 


Contact Melissa to talk about how you can get involved and contribute to enriching lives in the rural community.

Melissa Elliott
Volunteer Coordinator
613-376-6477 ext. 209

Where will you volunteer your time?

See some of our Volunteer Opportunities below and/or contact Melissa to explore further.  Note: Not all opportunities will have current openings.

Contact us to learn more or to express your interest in volunteering!

Thank You!