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Activity Lead Volunteer


Volunteers are required in various programs across the organization to lead senior participants in small group activities such as exercise, sports, games, crafts, facilitated discussions or tutorials.


When: Activities primarily occur Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Activities can be on-going or one-time events.


Volunteer Roles:

  •  Exercise Leader: Trained volunteers lead a group of seniors through low-impact exercises.  Training provided for registered volunteers.  Commitment required.

  •  Activity Leader: Volunteers lead a group of seniors through a planned activity such as a craft, baking or game, with staff support.  Activity Leaders are engaged in our GSAC and Adult Day programs, depending on skill and interest alignment.

  • Facilitated Discussion Leader: Volunteers lead a small group through a discussion about a subject they are knowledgeable about or a current interest.  This may be an interactive presentation or an impromptu discussion about an article, book or short story.  Discussion Leaders engage in our GSAC and Adult Day programs or as guest speakers for the training or interest of participants and volunteers in other program areas.

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