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Volunteer Driver


Volunteer drivers support the Transportation program, by providing rides to our senior clients for medical and social appointments as well as essential errands.  In addition, volunteer drivers support other program transportation needs such as food pick-up/delivery.


When: Client rides can take place 7 days a week, however, most are required Mon-Fri during business hours.  Volunteers can accept/decline requests based on their availability. Hot Meals Drivers are required every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from approx. 11am-1pm


Adult Day Service Drivers: Drivers provide transportation to program participants, picking them up at their homes and bringing them to Grace Centre and ensuring safe return at the end of the program day.


Meals on Wheels Drivers: The Hot Meals Drivers deliver hot, prepared meals based on a pre-determined route and do a wellness check with clients every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at lunch time.  Frozen meal deliveries to clients are coordinated as needed.


Food Pick-up/Delivery Drivers: Assist with coordinating and delivering kitchen or food bank needs.

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