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Grace Garden Volunteer


Our on-site garden and greenhouse produces supplemental fresh vegetables and fruits for our Food Bank and Meal program clients.  In addition, our new walking flower garden path provides a safe sensory-enriched environment for our day clients to stroll through. In partnership with Loughborough Public School’s grade 7 Challenge class, volunteers oversee all of our garden activities from spring through fall each year, nurturing the many plants.


When:  Volunteers are needed to support activities, especially watering, throughout the entire week.  Volunteers are aligned to activities and timeframes based on their personal interest.


Youth Support Garden Volunteer: Volunteers may choose to participate alongside youth from LPS and their teacher during a hands-on learning sessions.  These sessions typically run on Tuesday mornings. 


Garden Volunteer:  Volunteers preferring adult company can receive guidance from staff to participate in groups or individually any day of the week.


Flowerbed Nurturer: Flowerbed Nurturers ensure the many flowerbeds on the Grace Centre grounds receive water on a regular basis.  In addition, those interested will pull a few weeds along the way.


Harvest Packaging and Distribution: After completing a kitchen orientation and Safe Food Handling training, these volunteers act as liaisons between the kitchen and garden to ensure the timely cleaning, packaging and re-distribution of freshly harvested garden produce, in our commercial kitchen setting.

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