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Kitchen Volunteer


Our commercial kitchen is home to the cooking and baking for a variety of meal programs provided by SFCSC.  These include Hot Meals, Lunch Club, Adult Day Lunches and special catered events.


When:  Most meal preparation and service occurs Monday through Friday, primarily in the mornings.  Some opportunity for volunteers to support food prep in the afternoon.  Volunteers work with staff to determine the appropriate schedule based on interest, skill and availability.


Volunteer Roles:


Prep Volunteer: Prep Volunteers take direction and work alongside our staff Cook to prepare, cook, bake or package food for the week’s upcoming meals, typically the day or two prior to the events.


Hot Meals Kitchen Volunteer:  Hot Meals kitchen volunteers work as a small team in a very busy kitchen.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, volunteers arrive at staggered times based on their role.  They take direction from the staff cook to finish last minute preparations then package meals assembly line style, in the proper transport bags.  Volunteer drivers take over and deliver the meals to client doors, based on their routes.


Lunch Club (Diners) Kitchen Volunteers:  Lunch club kitchen volunteers take direction from the staff Cook to prepare meals for service on location.  In addition, they support the clean up of the dishes and kitchen after the meal.  Volunteers choose the lunch club location and dates most convenient for them.

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