Transportation Policy


Policy Overview:

  • Must be a registered client with the Family Services Program or with Seniors and Community Support Services; available for seniors and physically disabled adults.

  • Trips must be booked by calling 1-877-279-2044.

  • A minimum of 72 hours is needed to find a driver.

  • Cancellations must be received by the Frontenac Transportation Service (FTS) office at least 24 hours in advance.  Cancellations of less than 24 hours will result in you still being charged the fee based upon expected distance being traveled.

  • When booking a trip you must tell FTS about all passengers, all stops and any additional needs (such as car seats).  If you fail to notify FTS of all trip requirements, the drivers have been told to not change trip plans.  Failure to agree with this will result in cancellation of your access to our transportation service.

  • Drivers will only drive scheduled passengers and only make scheduled stops.

  • No smoking, eating, or drinking in the driver’s vehicle.

  • Future trips will be stopped if payment becomes overdue.

  • To use our services, it is necessary to treat our drivers with respect and politeness.  Failure to do so will result in services being stopped.

  • In the event that school buses are cancelled due to poor driving conditions, all of our rides will be cancelled as well.


Transportation Service Notes:

Approved destinations include ~ medical appointments, day surgery or hospital visits, therapy appointments, veterinary appointments, hospital / LTC facility visits, train station, bus station, airport, government or law offices, banks, post offices, grocery shopping, hair appointments, holiday shopping.

In the instance that a client is attending an event, appointment, and/or social outing that will take more than four hours from start to completion; the volunteer driver may drop off the client and return for the pick-up when the event, appointment, and/or social event ends. In a case such as this, the driver will invoice SFCSC for the cost of two trips. In these situations, SFCSC will bill the client for the cost recovery.

Service will be discontinued if clients have not paid their invoices for a second trip without prior approval from staff.  Services will also be discontinued for abuse of drivers and changes to destinations without approval from staff.

  • SFCSC reserves the right to book more than one client on trips.

  • SFCSC reserves the right to cancel a trip if weather reports are not favorable.

  • SFCSC will arrange escorts at a cost of $12 for clients requiring physical assistance or accompaniment.  This fee is the responsibility of the client being transported.

  • Clients are always responsible for parking fees.

  • Client trips and stops are restricted to pre-designated and communicated destinations.

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