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As a registered charitable organization, and as per the by-laws of the organization, the governance of Southern Frontenac Community Services Corporation (SFCSC) is led by a Board of Directors elected by and from the Members of the Corporation.


All clients, volunteers, donors and activity participants of SFCSC are members and have the right to vote at all members' meetings, including the Annual General Meeting held in June each year. You also have the right to run for a position as a Director on the Board to help govern the organization.

Membership is an important part of being a non-profit, community-based organization. It allows people in our community to contribute to the work of the organization, ensures that the work we do reflects the needs of the community, and keeps us accountable to the people we serve.


The most important part of being a member of SFCSC is being able to contribute to enhancing the quality of life in your community by supporting the work we do.



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