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Financial Assistance


Homelessness Prevention Programs

Homelessness Prevention Programs are available to any eligible resident in Frontenac County that is either at-risk of homelessness or is currently experiencing homelessness. Eligible residents are referred to the Homelessness Prevention Workers, who then will determine eligibility to available programs. Staff will provide information and referrals, advocate with landlord or health/social services organization and assist clients to access, secure and move into permanent, suitable and affordable housing. Homelessness Prevention Workers will help maintain individual’s current housing to avoid evictions, foreclosures and the loss of the client’s home. Staff can assist clients in accessing appropriate funds for housing and utility arrears; provide referrals to appropriate services and programs.


Financial Assistance

Homelessness Prevention Fund provides funding to assist individuals and families, who meet the eligibility criteria, to stay housed or secure housing. Funding is in the form of a non-repayable grant that prevents an up-coming eviction, or assists with moving to permanent housing if homeless. 

Applicants must commit to:

· Developing a plan to avoid future dependency on the fund

· Providing documentation supporting their application

· Consenting to the sharing of information related to the application prior to the approval of funding amounts


Eligibility Criteria

· Families, singles, seniors and special needs households who are NOT in receipt of OW or ODSP and are residents of County of Frontenac are eligible to apply

· Applicants must have applied through a Homelessness Prevention Worker

· Applicants must have a total household income below the income levels listed on the table below

· Applicants must NOT be in receipt of OW or ODSP assistance.  If you are contact your worker to see if you are eligible under the Discretionary Residency Benefit Program


Applicants must:

  • be a resident of the County of Frontenac including Frontenac Islands

  • be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrants or refugee claimant (proof required);

  • be connected to a Homelessness Prevention Worker who can help prepare the application

  • sign a Release of Information related to the application

  • must have income below these Housing Income Limits:

    • for a 1 person household less than $29,000 annually

    • for a 2 person household less than $35,500 annually

    • for a 3 person household less than $40,000 annually

    • for a 4 person or more  household less than $48,500 annually

Note: income levels are effective January 1, 2017 and are subject to change.

The Family Services Program can provide financial assistance to you during times of crisis as well as link you with other services as needed.  Full client intake and financial assessment is required.


Applicants must be residents of South, Central, or North Frontenac Township. Low-income families with children 0-18, low-income seniors, and adults with a physical disability will be given equal consideration. Single adults and couples with no dependents will be considered based on income and situation. Applicants must have exhausted all other resources. Applicants must be living in a housing situation they consider affordable, permanent, and adequate.

You will be asked to bring in proof of income and other supporting documents, depending on the funding you are applying for; please make sure to bring ALL of the requested documents to your intake meeting to ensure that your application and potential funding is processed in a timely manner.


Please bring verification of all sources of income and expenses to your appointment. This includes: 


  • Income statements for employment, EI, OW, ODSP, WSIB, CPP, OAS, GST, CCTB, Child Support, etc.

  • Bank statement for all accounts.

  • Rent receipt or Mortgage and Property Taxes

  • Loan information

  • Credit Card statements

  • Utility Bills (Hydro, Propane, Oil, Water, etc.)

  • Other Bills (phone, satellite, cable, etc.)

  • Eviction or Disconnection Notices

  • Proof of vehicle payments

  • Insurances

  • Other as determined by agency staff

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