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Caregiver Support

This service provides information, education and training that will assist the caregiver, family members and/or other service providers, on behalf of a specific client, to provide care and emotional support to the client.   

The service is provided either in group or individual sessions either by, or under the direction of, a professionally trained individual and or/one who has demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the client's area of need.  The service is time limited and goal-directed and is targeted to a specific need.   

Caregiver Support provides caregivers with emotional support, and educational information in order to help the caregiver make informed care decisions. Caregiver services are available to a wide range of caregivers, including: spouses, adult children, any family member caring for another family member, or any neighbour giving care support to another neighbour. The majority of caregivers ask for help in complex care planning, dealing with loss, and coping with the emotional burden of care. In decision-making, the care-receiver is included as an equal partner.   

Caregiver Service Belief Statement:

Caregiver service is based on the Caregiver Bill of Rights:
As a Caregiver, I have a right...

  • To take care of myself, so that I can better care for the care-receiver

  • To seek help from others

  • To maintain other interests in my own life

  • To feel sad during difficult times

  • To receive consideration and acceptance as a caregiver

  • To take pride in my success as a caregiver

  • To protect my right to fulfillment in life

  • To expect new initiatives to aid the physically and mentally challenged members of our community

Service Parameters:

Caregiver support services are available to a husband caring for a wife, or wife caring for a husband. Service is also available for adult children caring for a parent, any family member caring for another family member, or a neighbour caring for a friend. Service is provided for caregivers supporting a care-receiver in the home, in a care facility or in a hospital. Service is normally provided in the caregivers' home due to the rural nature of the catchment area.

Caregiver SUPPORT Services Provides:

  • Information to assist the caregiver/care-receiver make the best care choices.

  • Emotional support to give the caregiver the chance to express feelings of frustration, sadness, and anger.

  • Advice on care planning based on the expressed needs of the caregiver and care-receiver.

  • Educational information to help the caregiver better understand the disease process and care options.

  • Assistance with the placement process into a care facility.

  • Referrals to other agencies to increase service support to the caregiver and care-receiver.

  • Educational workshops to help the caregiver/care-receiver maintain independence in the community.

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